Praise is pure light

In the subtle, praise is pure light; it is the most active of the Ascension emotions, that which is most closely aligned to the pure quality of bliss.

– MSI, Enlightenment!

When you learn to Ascend as taught by the Ishayas you become familiar with what we call Ascending emotions. What we use in Ascension are the emotions of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. Simple enough and makes sense, right? Everybody knows that aligning with positivity is beneficial. What is so remarkable about the Ascending emotions as vehicles to expand consciousness?

When we talk about emotions on the surface level of experience we attach them to all the relative experiences of happiness and love that we have had during our life. Praise or appreciation is expressed when something nice happens. We are grateful when somebody offers a helping hand or we are supported by great good fortune. Or perhaps we fall in love and for a period of time we see only the good in the other.

These are all nice things to have in life, but they are not what we call Ascending emotions. Ascension is not designed to please the surface of the mind, it is designed to expand consciousness. The potential to do so comes from the fact that when you move deeply into the subtle everything becomes more infused with purity and power. Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion in their pure state are extremely powerful and in the Teaching of Ascension they are used  in that pure state. It is a gift from the masters of Consciousness that call themselves Ishayas.

Praise is the beginning of the Ascension process. It is the first step toward the Ascendant or the Absolute. It is the engine that begins the process. So simple and so easy to align with and with such a profound effect on our consciousness. The greatest things in life are often hidden in the clothes of the most humble appearance. So easily overlooked.

This life is active.It is buzzing with creativity and movement. Praise gives us a chance to start the inner journey exactly where we are, in activity. It is constantly moving with us and with the slightest turn of our awareness towards it we connect with the Source.

And that is Bliss.

Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss” and this is what he meant. Follow the deepest part of yourself and you will know true bliss. There is nothing more fundamental than this. Even the richest person on this planet has nothing compared to one that has mastered the Art of Praise.

“The Attitude of repeated Praise creates Union with the Now.”

Pada I sutra 1, Enlightenment!


On the other side

I walked behind as my two grown up sons carried the coffin of their grandpa to the burial site. They were witnessing and also physically taking part in the process of taking care of the remains of what used to be their very well loved grandpa.

In this world of uncertainty letting go is not easy. When someone near and dear embarks on the journey to the unknown we are faced with many important and essential questions. What does it mean? Where do we go? What are we? Is this reality of the body all that there is? And where do we come from? That is equally as mysterious as the departure from this life.

These questions we have often when faced with the death of someone close to us. It is a valuable moment. Challenging yes, but it brings us so much closer to what is real in each of our lives. It is a reminder not build the house on sand, but on a foundation of reality that is unchanging, that is of the spirit.

Appreciation, Gratitude, Love and Compassion was there in that moment of gathering around the coffin. Those are the building blocks of each and every moment that has ever existed, but they are not always the focus that we as a group of people share together. The achievements at work or the possessions he accumulated in life were not the things brought to the surface. They were of friendship, support, understanding and caring that he had given to the people in his life. Those were the things that mattered in the end and that he is remembered by.

This is often lost in the fog of every day life. Busily we go about doing things and making money and entertaining ourselves. And in the end none of that really matters. The love we have for ourselves, for each other and for the truth is what matters.

That is why I find death a reminder of the truth of life. Life is eternal and it is full of love and wisdom. The bodies and things that we have last for a while and their value and purpose is to bring love and wisdom to others as we grow in love and wisdom inside our own hearts.

There is nothing to fear. We can in this life connect with the resonance of the Unchanging Absolute that gives life to all. That resonance is Life that does not have an end. It is not necessary to wait until deaths´  door to step into the unknown. We can do it here and by learning to let go, in a way learning to die, we actually become able to experience Life. It is a paradox for the surface level of the mind, for our thinking mind. But it is a very simple reality of our heart. It is Ascension.

I thought about grandpa. The twinkle and light in his eyes is what I remember. What a wonderful soul that touched my life and my sons´ lives.




Without A Reality


This is an all too familiar word that has shaped the past in cruel ways and even today threatens to be the architect for the years to come. War is a state of mind that takes its most obvious and manifest form in the actuality of soldiers killing each other and just about anybody and anything that is perceived to be in the way of the war machines´ set agenda. Even the word WAR elicits a definite response in the human nervous system. A stress reaction in the body and fear that absorbs and freezes the mind.

Hence the opposing force for the expansion, namely the ego, is more than eager to use it to its fullest extent.

When most of us think of war, we place it into a different country and maybe into another culture far away from us. Something that is removed from our personal life experience and hence far from our reach to have any ability to meaningfully affect. For some people it is an actual inescapable everyday reality. But perhaps even they share the same feeling of inability and inadequacy to affect the reality of war. What can you do when the war machine that has no regard for human life sweeps over your village and destroys everything?

Let’s take one step away from the most manifested form of the violence here on earth. Let’s move closer to its inception, the beginning point of what indeed creates war.

War is a state of mind. It is a state of mind that has no basis in Reality, it is literally Without A Reality. What Reality are we talking about?

Look at the mind as a multilayered, multidimensional field, that has a Foundation that all of it is resting upon. This Foundation is the Source for all Life, Love, Energy and Wisdom. The lack of connection to this Foundation creates a lack of all the above mentioned. Our thinking mind that works on the 5-10% level on the surface has little or no conscious connection to the deeper layers of the mind and ultimately to its Foundation. The surface mind is Without A Reality.

This is the mind in a state of WAR. The ego reins nearly unchallenged and its manifestations are according to its rules and laws which are fear and suffering and separation and loss and ignorance.

Each one of us is a carrier of this virus called war. Each one of us in our daily lives supports this state of mind. Or actively chooses to disengage from it creating a connection to the Foundation, to the Reality that the Ishayas call the Ascendant. We always choose for One or the other, Love or fear. We Ascend or die, quite literally.

Violence seems inevitable and unavoidable in this world, but this is by appearance only. It is our belief that creates this reality of violence. Belief that is based on fear and dire lack of the Ascendant Reality.

When we take one step further back  into the subtle realm of inner choice we see a picture emerging. Each one of us is capable of dealing with this virus of war and if we desire to end it altogether we have the perfect antidote for it that is given to us by the Ishayas. They are of consciousness that is forever beyond the level of conflict and limitations created from fear.

How to end war and violence then? The answer is closer than our own heart beat. The responsibility is non other´s than our own. The power to change the world is in our own choice to do so. War is not something far away, something that a government of any given country creates or doesn’t. It is what you and I create or don’t create.

The primary concern here, and this may be more difficult to fathom, is not to end the conflicts that we see happening on the surface in the world. The primary concern is to rise beyond the inner conflict of judgment and fear and end the violence in our inner worlds. Then and only then a new manifestation can take place in the world at large.

The healing of the world always begins with the healing of the self. This is one of the few simple messages the Ishayas have given us to learn and to experience.

If you know how to Ascend as taught by the Ishayas, then you do have the keys to the mastery of Ahimsa, perfect non-violence. Without that enlightenment is not possible. Without that, the war will continue both inside and out.