Victim consciousness

Perhaps many don’t really think and identify themselves as being a victim in their lives, but let’s make one thing very clear. We live in a world of victim consciousness because collectively that is what humanity believes to be real. So yes, there are individual differences, but we still face this creation of victim consciousness together.

What does it mean to live from victim consciousness? It is a perspective that thinks that the little self is the center of focus, but feelings, experiences and thoughts are influenced and can be directed by others. Things happen to the victim randomly and one can only shy away or attack in order to preserve the self from the outside threat. Life is coming at victim and he/she is at its mercy.

The truth is that I am the center of my own universe, just like you are yours, but this is very different than what the victim perceives. All of what  our senses experience, all feelings and all thoughts have their source within the individual. All of us create our own universe of experience and we are each responsible for what is in it. There is nothing on the outside that is doing anything to me or that could possible have power over the truth of what I am.

The ego can be hurt and feel like it has been abandoned or crushed, but the consciousness that we truly are is far beyond being affected by the outside circumstance or other people.

If we identify ourselves as being solely physical being with a limited lifespan, we are open to being wounded, destroyed, betrayed and killed. It is a fight for survival. On the other hand, if we experience ourselves as pure spirit, there is no possibility ever to be betrayed, harmed or killed in any way.

Many people do understand this intellectually and see the reality of consciousness and how the true self is pure consciousness. However, understanding does not free the individual from the victim consciousness. It is a good beginning to the right direction, a very necessary step, but knowledge becomes wisdom when you actually use it and make it manifest.

This current global situation creates a wonderful opportunity to see victim consciousness in full action. There is the threat of pandemic disease and media drums the number of deaths as the whip to create fear around it. Even had I pulled myself out of living in victim consciousness for the most part, what happens when I am pushed into a collective thought stream that is 100% coloured by the sense of being a victim to a threat from the outside? Suddenly travelling is limited or I can’t go to work. This moment shows me very clearly just how much there is investment inside of me to being a victim. What is my individual choice in that moment of time. What do I choose to make real?

This moment is here for us to fully grasp that the inner is more real than what we see outside. What we choose to put our attention on matters hugely. Our personal beliefs are what colour our lives. Our inner landscape is what becomes the the landscape outside.

The more drastic and dramatic the outside becomes the more important it is that we have a stable inner life that is founded deeper than the surface experiences and the surface thinking level f the mind. Pure consciousness rests within each of us and it is unstruck and untouched by any drama of the human realm. That is where we find the Peace that passes all understanding. No understanding is needed to know the Truth of what we are.

Ascension literally means to rise beyond. We are rising beyond this level of victim consciousness. We are doing this collectively and individually. The Ishayas have seen this time coming and the Teaching of Ascension has been given to us for this very purpose. We have a chance to bring Reality into this dream of victim consciousness…

…with Praise, Gratitude and Love.


Neglected Spirit

What is the most potent power in the world? What has the greatest impact on all of our lives?

Technology? Money? Political power? Spirit? God?

What you think is the answer to those questions reveals directly the underlying belief system that your particular universe rests upon. We can have what we choose for as everything that we experience with our senses is created from the mind and through our beliefs.

Think of yourself as an onion with multiple layers. The essence of who you are is at the very core and it is the most potent. It is also the most refined and subtle aspect of yourself. Far beyond the physical senses to detect. And yet very easy to connect with given the right tools to direct the mind inwards.

If I was content in my findings and solutions that are on the most surface level of things I would only have the hard shell of the onion to use. I would only use solutions and ideas that are anchored in the world presented by the senses. 

Interestingly for a long time now physicists have shown us the subtle world of atoms and molecules and so forth and yet we still cling onto the idea that physical matter is solid. Nothing about our world is solid yet we experience it so. All is energy and yet we do not see it as such. All is God yet we can live in the world that has no God in it.

Our senses are lying to us. They give us extremely limited information that we use to build our world from. And we build it through our beliefs. To change the world we need to change our minds, we need to repent. 

The most potent power in the world is pure consciousness. Sea of potential that is unmoving, clear, limitless and all-embracing. It is the foundation of all things and the source of every thought and feeling and experience we have had and will ever have.

This very neglected part of us, our true Self, has the power to give us what we are looking for. It has all the answers. It is contentment. It is completion.

Spirituality has been put into a position in our society where the truth of it is not appreciated nor experienced. But things are changing and we are stepping into the age of the spirit manifest. We have the opportunity to experience directly what is the most potent power in the world. That direct experience is the solution to all the myriad of problems that have been created within this matrix of the physical world.

It is inside of us and nobody can give it to us or take it away from us. There is no authority that can ration it to us or say that we can’t have it. It is our responsibility to make the connection and become part of the solution in our own lives and in the lives of all others.