Changing life, is it a mission impossible or super easy?

Have you ever tried to change an old bad habit or a negative attitude toward yourself or life in general?

If you have, most likely there have been disappointments along the way and straight out failures. Maybe to the point where you firmly convinced that it is a mission impossible situation. You are in the Tom Cruise movie, but it never pans out in the end. It is impossible to escape the weight of the past experiences and the inner barriers keeping us from the the Good flowing in life hence why even try?

This thought leaves us in a rather desperate situation. Before we can move forward and to even consider changing our lives there is one thing that we must do first.

We must at least believe in the possibility of positive change to exist. There has to be an opening in our mind for that reality so that we can begin to step toward it.

Once that step is taken then we have to begin from where we are at by acknowledging what is our current experience in this moment. This challenges us first of all to make the choice to be aware of what is happening right now. And it may not be so simple as we have developed a mind that is rarely in the present moment and there are so many judgments about ourselves and the world that they keep us firmly distracted from the present moment.

A practice like the Art of Ascension is extremely valuable for this simple reason. It gives you a simple tool to return to this present moment in time. The answer to all the problems lies in what is here and now. By continually cultivating this experience of the now creates a connection with the more subtle reality of consciousness in all experiences. Facing the challenges or old habits from the foundation of being truly present is quite different compared to the distracted mind flying around in the past experiences or the future projections.

Trying to change the surface experience from the surface level of the mind is very very difficult. But aligning with the reality beyond fear and limitation has no difficulty in removing the limitations out of the way. In fact the mind and the body are intimately familiar with this process and will automatically line up with as the most natural thing to do if they are given proper conditions to do so. The condition that I speak about is in the inner direction of the mind and ultimately in the Ascendant reality that is beyond the mind altogether.

As we naturally connect with that level of reality in the Ascension practice, we naturally rise beyond the previous state of life experience and the limited interpretations about it that we held so tightly before.

When the reason for the smoking habit is removed from the nervous system it becomes absurdly easy to let go of the habit. A new and much more appealing experience comes more and more to the surface and in its wake holding onto the old is less and less appealing.

So whether changing life is impossible or very easy depends entirely on the angle that we approach it from. There is huge potential of growth and expansion in the hearts of every single human on this planet. Tapping into that reservoir of creativity and love there is nothing that can really hold us back. And we realise along the way that really the only thing that ever held us back was our own distorted view of life and the belief in lack and separation from what is real.

If you have taken the step toward change by trusting that it is possible, then the next step that is available is to learn the Ishayas´ Ascension techniques to make that inner connection to your own consciousness. Ascension practice does not only give you the deeply personal tools for growth, but it also gives you the necessary guidance to really utilise the practice to its fullest.

Nature fully supports growth and expansion in each moment. We can choose to align with it or struggle against the natural flow by sticking to the limitations in our own minds. 

Each individual choice to rise beyond the past limitations is the greatest gift that can be given to this world. What we do to ourselves we do to others quite literally.


How my thinking affects my life?

I read a few different articles discussing language and thought process and how they affect the way that we generally perceive reality. Although it seems that we share the same reality on the objective level, like the things that we physically can experience, there are vast dissimilarities in our perceptions and interpretations of any given moment. Take as an example a crime scene where witnesses share what they saw just happen. The stories rarely completely match with each other.

The words we use and the meaning we give to them and the way we structure our thinking lays the foundation for the interpretation of what happens around us. Ultimately the less cluttered my mind can be, the more consciously I can witness and have awareness of my inner world and thus clearer perception of the world.

Let´s dive into some examples.

A thought rising in my mind: ”Oh, there are just too many things to do. It will be overwhelming. How can I manage this?”

This may be a thought that you have had recently? Or in the past quite possibly. What happens on the inside here? First there is the perception of many things happening at once and a bit of a chaos. Clearly the past experience is brought in to solidify that idea. Also the fact that it has been overwhelming in the past and it will be that again now. A despondent conclusion of the thinking process leads to a question that one believes has no answer.

As I repeat these kinds of thoughts in my mind I solidify them and give them a reality that manifests in my experience and as an idea ”this is what the world is like”. Hence I create my world through this perception of it.

There could be someone else next to me facing the same situation, but in that person’s mind we could hear something like: ”Hah, I love a good challenge. I will take one thing at a time and make the best out of this!”

In my examples you can see quite easily that the approach is different and will surely create a different kind of experience. I am not revealing a big secret here. Many of us know this quite well and yet because of the extreme subtlety of our minds the unconscious layers remain in the dark and continue to create effects that baffle us. You might agree with me that our attitudes and thoughts indeed affect our lives, but what can you do about it? Or how can you direct it?

If you wish to experience deeper levels of the mind consciously, a very subtle form of thinking, the Ishayas call it Ascension, can be used as a vehicle for that purpose. The simple mechanical techniques draw the mind inwards and as a byproduct of this movement the awareness expands. The person doing the practice develops a witnessing state of consciousness naturally that allows for more conscious thinking and an actual choice how to direct your mind.

If you have not yet been introduced to this ancient practice, this is a great time to get to know it. Chaotic mind with many conflicting thought streams creates a very unstable reality. You may look outside and think that the world is chaotic, but where is it ultimately all coming from? From our minds and our thinking.

A clear mind, a mind capable of experiencing the present moment, produces a stable inner reality where one is not wasting energy on inner conflict or shattering awareness into the past or future projections. The thinking changes at those deeper levels of the mind and Ascension gives the tools to train the mind to think at those deeper levels. Sounds perhaps complicated, but the actual practice of the Art of Ascension is extremely simple.