Where can I find stability in the world of change?

I believe a very large number of people are awakening to the fact that the world is changing ever more rapidly. And perhaps that reality has been in the awareness of many people for years now. No matter where each individual is at in that regard the fact is that it is harder to ignore the change anymore. The foundations of our society like finances, health, politics, religion and so on are on the brink of massive paradigm shift. Who really knows where all this is going?

As the old reliable methods of relative stability crumble we are left looking for answers. There may be growing doubt whether the politician or trusted doctor or the priest really is working for our benefit. Is the monetary system built to benefit very few individuals that base their life on greed and power over others? Who can be trusted to give real answer to all the challenges that we are facing? What is the quality of the information we are given through media conglomerates or social media platforms? The seeker is facing a sea of information of varying quality.

If this uncertainty can serve a purpose to bring universal good to all people, it may just be this. As we fail to find real support in the structures of authority and power on the outside, it can push us into the one direction where true stability exists. Of course the direction most often ignored is the one closest to us, our own inner world, our own heart, our own spirit, our own connection to the universality of consciousness. The ultimate answer is the one that we all have an access to, but that we have been conditioned to devalue and ignore.

People, who are awakened to the reality of who they really are, are impossible to control or manipulate. And this brings us to this moment in time where the greatest paradigm shift of all is taking place. We are just about to realise collectively that we are not victims, but that we are creators and that the suffering of the world is our own making and can be Ascended in this life. The dream suffering can end and Reality can be lived.

The God of technology is what modern people tend to rely on and expect that problems will be solved by increasingly more complex and powerful computers and machines. AI is the new God that saves humanity…or perhaps attempts to replace it. Yet the world view that we hold creates our world and a transformation on the inside creates vastly more profound effects than any technology or invention that a person could make.

It is of huge importance to ask ourselves these questions, what is the true anchor and stability in my life? Where is it and how can I connect with it? How do I activate the universal good to manifest in my life?

Because this paradigm shift is so fundamental there is less and less grey area of complacency and indecision. We all are coming to a point of choice. What is the world I am personally creating through my moment to moment choice? One of fear and control of the egoic little self or the universal good flowing in and through all of us as one consciousness?

The drama in the world that wants to draw our attention and lock our minds into the old world view of suffering and pain is powerful. The solutions that are offered through different authorities may give a short passing sense of stability, but that is quickly gone. If you seriously consider moving beyond that surface drama then the help is readily available.

The Ishayas know that this time is of great potential and we are offered a clear and simple path to traverse that is built on the stability of the Ascendant consciousness. The unmoving, never changing pure consciousness that we are at the core of our being. It is not struck by any of the drama that is displayed before our eyes. It is untroubled by any of the cares of the world. It offers a solid foundation for the soul to stand on and experience life in all its many manifestations here on earth.

It is not a matter of belief or an philosophical ideal. It is the base reality that everything comes from and that we have ignored as a collective for a very long time. This need not go on any longer. There is time and a chance to turn our awareness inward and experience true stability in consciousness.

If you gave it a try, who would stop you?


Neglected Spirit

What is the most potent power in the world? What has the greatest impact on all of our lives?

Technology? Money? Political power? Spirit? God?

What you think is the answer to those questions reveals directly the underlying belief system that your particular universe rests upon. We can have what we choose for as everything that we experience with our senses is created from the mind and through our beliefs.

Think of yourself as an onion with multiple layers. The essence of who you are is at the very core and it is the most potent. It is also the most refined and subtle aspect of yourself. Far beyond the physical senses to detect. And yet very easy to connect with given the right tools to direct the mind inwards.

If I was content in my findings and solutions that are on the most surface level of things I would only have the hard shell of the onion to use. I would only use solutions and ideas that are anchored in the world presented by the senses. 

Interestingly for a long time now physicists have shown us the subtle world of atoms and molecules and so forth and yet we still cling onto the idea that physical matter is solid. Nothing about our world is solid yet we experience it so. All is energy and yet we do not see it as such. All is God yet we can live in the world that has no God in it.

Our senses are lying to us. They give us extremely limited information that we use to build our world from. And we build it through our beliefs. To change the world we need to change our minds, we need to repent. 

The most potent power in the world is pure consciousness. Sea of potential that is unmoving, clear, limitless and all-embracing. It is the foundation of all things and the source of every thought and feeling and experience we have had and will ever have.

This very neglected part of us, our true Self, has the power to give us what we are looking for. It has all the answers. It is contentment. It is completion.

Spirituality has been put into a position in our society where the truth of it is not appreciated nor experienced. But things are changing and we are stepping into the age of the spirit manifest. We have the opportunity to experience directly what is the most potent power in the world. That direct experience is the solution to all the myriad of problems that have been created within this matrix of the physical world.

It is inside of us and nobody can give it to us or take it away from us. There is no authority that can ration it to us or say that we can’t have it. It is our responsibility to make the connection and become part of the solution in our own lives and in the lives of all others.