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Ascension esittely suomeksi

Tässä esittelyssä kerrotaan Ascension harjoituksesta ja sen vaikutuksista mieleen, kehoon ja elämään yleisestikin. Ota rauhallinen hetki itsellesi ja kuuntele. Voit saada uusia oivalluksia ja ajattelun aihetta.

Ascension introduction in English 

This link will get you to The Ishaya Foundation page where you can find this intro in english and also in german.

The Ishaya Foundation / intros


This podcast style audio is going to be all about Ascension, MSI books, the mind-body connection, expansion of consciousness and what is the meaning of life. Join in the exploration of subjects that are literally life transforming. This podcast can also be found at under the title The art of Ascension.

Ascensioncast 1 / 16.4.20

Ascensioncast 2 / 22.4.20

Nandisvara and Nataraja have a discussion on current events.

Ascensioncast 3 / 1.5.20

Chandika joins the podcast as the co-host and we dive into the different sides of the Ascension practice and life experience.