An unexpected visit

It is easy to look at this world at the surface value of what it appears to be. For some people that might be good or even great and for some people it is very tough or outright horrible. The whole vista of varied experiences are available. But as long as our sight is set to look at the surface we end up missing something very essential and extremely important.

Today, amidst my daily activities, I decided to bring extra attention to the practice of Ascension and the basic upward rising currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love. And to bind it all together at deeper levels of course there is Compassion. The benefits of that choice are many, but for today it was simply to bring attention to the subtle inward movement of consciousness. To see deeper into what is around me, to connect with my world in a more profound way.

I went about my business of mundane activities and enjoyed the day.

I spent some time in the nature and had many creative ideas flowing through.

Then coming home I decided to heat the sauna and got some wood to start the fire. It took a little bit of time, but when it was ready it was so worth it. So nice to relax in the sauna and close my eyes and Ascend. I came to the patio to cool down and listened to the dozens or birds singing their Praises to the creator. And I sang my Praises. Nice blending of energies there.

I came back in and continued relaxing in the sauna. Then when I was done and just about to step out of the bathroom I looked at the foggy mirror and there was a bird like somebody just painted it there.

I stood there looking at it and smiled. How nice of them to come inside and visit me. At the more subtle levels there are so many things happening around us and communications and support that we are mostly oblivious to. That bird said “Thank you for singing with us and receiving us.” That is what I felt in my heart.

When we let go of the surface perceptions and allow the awareness to connect at the deeper levels, we will invariably find that there are only experiences of Praise, Gratitude and Love that everything is made out of. Love is all there is.

Leap into the unknown

There are moments in life when something happens that changes everything. There is an impact that does not change just some aspects of life, but the entire fabric of it. One such moment was when my first son was born. There was the life before him and then the life after his birth when I held him in my arms for the first time. There was no way to prepare for it or to know before hand how it would feel. It was a leap into the unknown.

Very recently I experienced another moment like that, but now on the other end of the spectrum of earthly life. I held my wife as she passed gracefully from this life. There was no way to prepare or know what it would be like. I watched her go and used my Ascension practice to anchor myself in the present moment as fully as I could. It was a leap into the unknown for both of us.

Where do we come from? 

Where do we go?

And really, who are we?

Ascension practice can lead us to know the answers to those questions through direct experience. It can open our eyes to see through the illusion at all times if we are skilled in the use of the practice. We have the tools to discover the greatest mystery there is – life itself. We can open the door to the unknown inside of us.

Life offers us glimpses into the truth. Moments where the veil is very thin and we can see through the mirage of the surface appearances. Sometimes even one such experience of the true depth of reality can uplift us into a greater awareness and the ability to live with true integrity. With Ascension it is possible to cultivate that integrity through consistent choice to Ascend in everything that life has to offer.

Moving through the wide range of experiences with my wife through her illness and passing opened my eyes to many things. One of those things was that just as I had connected with her in consciousness while we were together, she is still with me in consciousness now that we are in this new experience. If I am willing to let go of the boundaries of my own mind, there are ways to experience life and connectivity in an infinite number of ways.

She is with me even as I go through the experience of loss. But still as I took her scarf to put it away and smelled her scent in it there was deep sadness and tears in my eyes. Again I am grateful to be able to Ascend so that I can be present and open to life even when it goes into directions where I did not want to go.

The truth of life runs very deep. Its unmoving presence is in everything. Even in the darkest despair and in the greatest exuberance there can be. Life is here and now and we are invited to join its flow in the upward rising currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love with all of what we have, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, stupid and intelligent.

One thing my wife now teaches me is this – never look back, always look forwards. This echoes the wisdom of the masters.

This life that we have is precious. Let ´s settle into it with all of our hearts and minds and bodies and souls. Let´s boldly leap into the unknown.

This is what I hear you are saying to me Kriyasakti.

I love you.

Why so safe?

There are two distinctly different foundations for the way that we perceive the world. One is based on separation, fear and control. The other is based on connectivity, love and surrender. When we strip the surface appearances down to the root level, these two different choices invariably come into view. In the seemingly complex world the ultimate question is extremely simple. Love or fear?

When you look at the what the media is offering to you I suggest you ask this simple question. Is this information increasing fear or love? Is it about trying to feel safe in a dangerous world by creating distance or is it pointing out the inherent goodness of the human heart and how important it is to cultivate connectivity and intimacy and love in this world. You will probably see very quickly just what agenda is driving the bulk of the information we are given.

To be clear. There is no point in pointing the finger on the outside appearance whether it be a news media outlet or a politician or anything else. Each one of us is making that choice about our founding Attitude in each moment. We choose what we bring our attention on. The news can give us a clear view to the state of the world and how it is reflecting how we are choosing to collectively approach this all important choice right now.

I am the first to admit that there are waves of frustration rising in me watching the current events unfolding. And in that I am reminded of the importance of the choice I am making right in this moment. Am I creating separation? Am I actually increasing fear in this world? Am I demanding a condition of safety in this world of imminent danger? Or am I choosing to find a connection with the spirit, universality, the good, all pervasive consciousness, the source?

Even to stop briefly to ask these questions may shift the focus onto what is real. It does for me and I set this standard for myself every day. I did not come into this world to feel safe, but to know what is real and to ultimately answer the question of who am I?

If this resonates with you even slightly then we are experiencing being connected in the spirit of what is real. That connects us. It is who we are. There is no fear. That is a self-imposed condition that has a reality only as long as we give our attention to it. Illusion gathers strength from our captured  attention much like a tv that pulls our awareness into its screen of moving pictures.

We are conditioned to see separation, we are conditioned to experience fear as the foundation of this world. Without an anchor to what we are in truth, we identify with the mirage of the surface appearance of life. 

What this moment in spiral expansion of consciousness is bringing to us is an opportunity. Our desire to Ascend, to rise beyond this level of experience, has brought us into this age of apparent conflict. The mind virus of fear that has been in our collective consciousness for so long is now surfacing. It is coming to be seen for what it is. Let´s not shy away from this opportunity, but look at it straight in the eye. The only way to Ascend fear is to move through it. 

The greatest fear is the fear of dying. We all share that living in the physical body. The current version of the mind virus tells us that there is something that can kill us and end our physical lives. It has a reality that very few can deny. That is so because we collectively hold onto an idea about ourselves as physical bodies that are born and that die. To meet that fear, we must meet the darkness at the very core of our being.

There is nothing safe about that.

In fact it takes courage and bravery.

It takes humility to become intimate with something that is unknown and dark. And yet within that darkness is the light that we are. The freedom is finding that light within you own heart as a real experience, not just an idea.

We are all in this together. Even those that appear to oppose the good. The world of duality is coming to meet universality. So change is certain for those two do not co-exist. Let’s embrace what is here now in our own selves and in our growth and look at the world with the eyes of understanding that all of us are doing the best that we can.

A choice of one individual – is the choice of the One. It affects everything.


From inner fight to inner Light

The world appears chaotic and highly stressful for many people right now. There are many things that seem nonsensical or outright crazy. And yet the easiest path seems to be to go with the flow because what else is there to do? Who really knows what is going on? Put the mask on and hope for the best.

It is very common to struggle with the world that our senses reveal to us. It seems there are and can be forces that can harm and kill us. That there are powers far beyond our ability to affect. We believe in our own perception of the world coming through the senses. We trust it is translating the reality to us without distortion. 

What if our senses are lying to us?

What if what we see is only a mirror of our own beliefs?

What if the world is literally a mirror of what is on the inside?

Of course this can be put aside as mere conjecture. Why ponder on such elusive theories that have nothing to do with the difficult problems of today’s world?

For me personally these questions are among the most important ones to ask at this point. Without a profound shift in the paradigm of our thinking we will stand on the plateau of our current beliefs and no matter what we do the problems increase with each solution we come up with.

Turn the mind´s eye inward and take a brutally honest look at the inner world. Is it one of peace and contentment? Are there any dark corners of fear? Any judgment? Separation? Any walls of defence in preparation for the enemy outside?

With a modest amount of clarity I am sure the point is taken. Our inner world is in equal turmoil as is the outer. The great masters are adamant that without changing the inner fight into the inner Light there is no possibility of changing the world. The world is as we are.

Perhaps one of the reasons why many are discouraged to turn to face that inner darkness is that there is no trust in the all powerful force for Good that is at the heart of every single being in the created universe. The inner Light that can and will disperse the darkness with absolute ease.

Looking at the world through the mind that is thinking in Light actually heals the world from the inside out for there was nothing wrong to begin with.  Our erroneous beliefs and blind trust in the information provided by the senses has lead us into a kind of a dream world of suffering and hardship. 

This is not a matter of belief. Anyone can experiment with their own life whether this is true or not. You will not have to take anyone’s word for it.

That is why Ishayas brought the Teaching of Ascension out at this time. It is a time tested ancient methodology to reveal the inner Light and open up to an experience of consciousness that is beyond the thinking mind and our beliefs. The transformation of this kind is what we need. This is the most effective cure for the mind virus that we collective suffer from. That virus is fear and separation. We have been plagued by a thought construct of extreme limitation and a false sense of self. 

Our world is showing us this. It is reflecting to us the condition of our inner world. That in itself is how it should be. We do not judge the mirror for showing us that we have hair out of place. We realise with the help of the mirror that some adjustment is needed. Not of the mirror, but of the one who is looking at the mirror.

The inner Light is just about to burst into the world big time and that is why we are seeing these many strange changes taking place. So let’s not lose ourselves in the varied illusions of the mirror world, but turn to face the inner Light. This is the time to do it. 


Changing life, is it a mission impossible or super easy?

Have you ever tried to change an old bad habit or a negative attitude toward yourself or life in general?

If you have, most likely there have been disappointments along the way and straight out failures. Maybe to the point where you firmly convinced that it is a mission impossible situation. You are in the Tom Cruise movie, but it never pans out in the end. It is impossible to escape the weight of the past experiences and the inner barriers keeping us from the the Good flowing in life hence why even try?

This thought leaves us in a rather desperate situation. Before we can move forward and to even consider changing our lives there is one thing that we must do first.

We must at least believe in the possibility of positive change to exist. There has to be an opening in our mind for that reality so that we can begin to step toward it.

Once that step is taken then we have to begin from where we are at by acknowledging what is our current experience in this moment. This challenges us first of all to make the choice to be aware of what is happening right now. And it may not be so simple as we have developed a mind that is rarely in the present moment and there are so many judgments about ourselves and the world that they keep us firmly distracted from the present moment.

A practice like the Art of Ascension is extremely valuable for this simple reason. It gives you a simple tool to return to this present moment in time. The answer to all the problems lies in what is here and now. By continually cultivating this experience of the now creates a connection with the more subtle reality of consciousness in all experiences. Facing the challenges or old habits from the foundation of being truly present is quite different compared to the distracted mind flying around in the past experiences or the future projections.

Trying to change the surface experience from the surface level of the mind is very very difficult. But aligning with the reality beyond fear and limitation has no difficulty in removing the limitations out of the way. In fact the mind and the body are intimately familiar with this process and will automatically line up with as the most natural thing to do if they are given proper conditions to do so. The condition that I speak about is in the inner direction of the mind and ultimately in the Ascendant reality that is beyond the mind altogether.

As we naturally connect with that level of reality in the Ascension practice, we naturally rise beyond the previous state of life experience and the limited interpretations about it that we held so tightly before.

When the reason for the smoking habit is removed from the nervous system it becomes absurdly easy to let go of the habit. A new and much more appealing experience comes more and more to the surface and in its wake holding onto the old is less and less appealing.

So whether changing life is impossible or very easy depends entirely on the angle that we approach it from. There is huge potential of growth and expansion in the hearts of every single human on this planet. Tapping into that reservoir of creativity and love there is nothing that can really hold us back. And we realise along the way that really the only thing that ever held us back was our own distorted view of life and the belief in lack and separation from what is real.

If you have taken the step toward change by trusting that it is possible, then the next step that is available is to learn the Ishayas´ Ascension techniques to make that inner connection to your own consciousness. Ascension practice does not only give you the deeply personal tools for growth, but it also gives you the necessary guidance to really utilise the practice to its fullest.

Nature fully supports growth and expansion in each moment. We can choose to align with it or struggle against the natural flow by sticking to the limitations in our own minds. 

Each individual choice to rise beyond the past limitations is the greatest gift that can be given to this world. What we do to ourselves we do to others quite literally.


How my thinking affects my life?

I read a few different articles discussing language and thought process and how they affect the way that we generally perceive reality. Although it seems that we share the same reality on the objective level, like the things that we physically can experience, there are vast dissimilarities in our perceptions and interpretations of any given moment. Take as an example a crime scene where witnesses share what they saw just happen. The stories rarely completely match with each other.

The words we use and the meaning we give to them and the way we structure our thinking lays the foundation for the interpretation of what happens around us. Ultimately the less cluttered my mind can be, the more consciously I can witness and have awareness of my inner world and thus clearer perception of the world.

Let´s dive into some examples.

A thought rising in my mind: ”Oh, there are just too many things to do. It will be overwhelming. How can I manage this?”

This may be a thought that you have had recently? Or in the past quite possibly. What happens on the inside here? First there is the perception of many things happening at once and a bit of a chaos. Clearly the past experience is brought in to solidify that idea. Also the fact that it has been overwhelming in the past and it will be that again now. A despondent conclusion of the thinking process leads to a question that one believes has no answer.

As I repeat these kinds of thoughts in my mind I solidify them and give them a reality that manifests in my experience and as an idea ”this is what the world is like”. Hence I create my world through this perception of it.

There could be someone else next to me facing the same situation, but in that person’s mind we could hear something like: ”Hah, I love a good challenge. I will take one thing at a time and make the best out of this!”

In my examples you can see quite easily that the approach is different and will surely create a different kind of experience. I am not revealing a big secret here. Many of us know this quite well and yet because of the extreme subtlety of our minds the unconscious layers remain in the dark and continue to create effects that baffle us. You might agree with me that our attitudes and thoughts indeed affect our lives, but what can you do about it? Or how can you direct it?

If you wish to experience deeper levels of the mind consciously, a very subtle form of thinking, the Ishayas call it Ascension, can be used as a vehicle for that purpose. The simple mechanical techniques draw the mind inwards and as a byproduct of this movement the awareness expands. The person doing the practice develops a witnessing state of consciousness naturally that allows for more conscious thinking and an actual choice how to direct your mind.

If you have not yet been introduced to this ancient practice, this is a great time to get to know it. Chaotic mind with many conflicting thought streams creates a very unstable reality. You may look outside and think that the world is chaotic, but where is it ultimately all coming from? From our minds and our thinking.

A clear mind, a mind capable of experiencing the present moment, produces a stable inner reality where one is not wasting energy on inner conflict or shattering awareness into the past or future projections. The thinking changes at those deeper levels of the mind and Ascension gives the tools to train the mind to think at those deeper levels. Sounds perhaps complicated, but the actual practice of the Art of Ascension is extremely simple. 


Where can I find stability in the world of change?

I believe a very large number of people are awakening to the fact that the world is changing ever more rapidly. And perhaps that reality has been in the awareness of many people for years now. No matter where each individual is at in that regard the fact is that it is harder to ignore the change anymore. The foundations of our society like finances, health, politics, religion and so on are on the brink of massive paradigm shift. Who really knows where all this is going?

As the old reliable methods of relative stability crumble we are left looking for answers. There may be growing doubt whether the politician or trusted doctor or the priest really is working for our benefit. Is the monetary system built to benefit very few individuals that base their life on greed and power over others? Who can be trusted to give real answer to all the challenges that we are facing? What is the quality of the information we are given through media conglomerates or social media platforms? The seeker is facing a sea of information of varying quality.

If this uncertainty can serve a purpose to bring universal good to all people, it may just be this. As we fail to find real support in the structures of authority and power on the outside, it can push us into the one direction where true stability exists. Of course the direction most often ignored is the one closest to us, our own inner world, our own heart, our own spirit, our own connection to the universality of consciousness. The ultimate answer is the one that we all have an access to, but that we have been conditioned to devalue and ignore.

People, who are awakened to the reality of who they really are, are impossible to control or manipulate. And this brings us to this moment in time where the greatest paradigm shift of all is taking place. We are just about to realise collectively that we are not victims, but that we are creators and that the suffering of the world is our own making and can be Ascended in this life. The dream suffering can end and Reality can be lived.

The God of technology is what modern people tend to rely on and expect that problems will be solved by increasingly more complex and powerful computers and machines. AI is the new God that saves humanity…or perhaps attempts to replace it. Yet the world view that we hold creates our world and a transformation on the inside creates vastly more profound effects than any technology or invention that a person could make.

It is of huge importance to ask ourselves these questions, what is the true anchor and stability in my life? Where is it and how can I connect with it? How do I activate the universal good to manifest in my life?

Because this paradigm shift is so fundamental there is less and less grey area of complacency and indecision. We all are coming to a point of choice. What is the world I am personally creating through my moment to moment choice? One of fear and control of the egoic little self or the universal good flowing in and through all of us as one consciousness?

The drama in the world that wants to draw our attention and lock our minds into the old world view of suffering and pain is powerful. The solutions that are offered through different authorities may give a short passing sense of stability, but that is quickly gone. If you seriously consider moving beyond that surface drama then the help is readily available.

The Ishayas know that this time is of great potential and we are offered a clear and simple path to traverse that is built on the stability of the Ascendant consciousness. The unmoving, never changing pure consciousness that we are at the core of our being. It is not struck by any of the drama that is displayed before our eyes. It is untroubled by any of the cares of the world. It offers a solid foundation for the soul to stand on and experience life in all its many manifestations here on earth.

It is not a matter of belief or an philosophical ideal. It is the base reality that everything comes from and that we have ignored as a collective for a very long time. This need not go on any longer. There is time and a chance to turn our awareness inward and experience true stability in consciousness.

If you gave it a try, who would stop you?


How to find my meditation practice?

There is a growing awareness that to be of healthy body and sound mind one also needs to take care of the spiritual side with a daily practice of something that is relaxing and helps to bring the mind back to the present moment. And yes, there are so many options available now and so many teachers and gurus and self help ideologies, religions and so on. So, something for each and every individual that is seeking for certain.

But what does it take to find what really resonates with you?

One who seeks will find. A heart´s desire to connect with the inner Truth will not go unnoticed. And just like with anything else the more that you have direct experiences of different possibilities the more you will attune to what it is that calls for you. As long as you don’t quit before you hear the resonance that matches your heart.

Perhaps you are attracted to a teacher that can eloquently speak of the truth and shows a good example of living it. That is a state of progress. Or perhaps you are one that desires to know the truth directly within your own experience. That is also a state of progress and one that the Ishayas have a very specific gift to give to.

The Art of Ascension is not a Guru driven Teaching nor does it tell you how to live your life. If you search for a practice that is aligning you with the natural upward rising currents of expanding consciousness, a practice that is easy to do and that can be done at all times both in eyes closed meditative practice and eyes open practice, then you may be at the door of something very powerful.

I personally dabbled in a number of different practices before I learned to Ascend. They worked to a degree, but the common thread for me in all of them was a sense of disappointment. A feeling that the practice took me just part of the way, but not really where I felt the potential was the greatest. That was just an inner intuitive experience at the time. The disappointments kept me going though and through them I kept refining what it was that I was looking for. Eventually when I found the books by MSI about Ascension I felt the resonance of something deep inside.

That was the sound of my heart resonating with the offer from the Ishayas. This may sound lofty and out there, but it was really just a simple recognition of something that was real and each step I took towards the direct experience and understanding strengthened my resolve and sense of having found exactly what I had been looking for.

Each of us have a very unique path in life and the way that we come to the spiritual practice that we can call our own varies greatly. Perhaps what is here in this text is just a simple nudge to keep going until you find something that resonates with your being. And then stick to it. There is no point in trying to do five different things at the same time. Better to find one that works and stick to it. That is the surest way to reach the goal that you have set for this life.


The life of a robot

Are automation, robotics and AI the future and will humanity merge with machines? This is a view that the transhumanists hold firmly and believe in. Is it coming or are we already in it? Are we programmed to do a specific thing over and over again? Or do we actually consciously choose what we focus on?

I am sure each us would want to think that we as humans are far from being robots. Let’s just dive into this idea a little deeper and see what layers are there to be seen.

Perhaps we can agree that the mind is programmable. Education, news media, social conditioning, entertainment, arts and many other facets of our society pattern and mould our brains and the mind into accepting certain programs and avoiding others. This is what happens from the very first moments of entering into this physical life as a baby.

The conditioning washes through us for the first seven years when the brain is mostly at the theta and alfa state and it very easily absorbs information. And most of this programming goes into unconscious and it will colour our life for the rest of our lives unless new programming is consciously replacing it.

So much of our lives happen at the unconscious level. Our reactions and perceptions of life are as pre-formatted even before they filter into our conscious awareness.

The advertising industry knows very well how to program the mind and use the unconscious as the weak point. You walk into a store and buy things thinking that you are choosing to buy certain things when in reality you may just be following a program that has been set in your brain in the last two weeks as you watched tv and that particular add kept driving the message into you. And the the store knows where to place the items that you will most likely pick up the ones that they want to move out and sell the most.

Many of our choices come from preprogrammed behaviours and reactions. In that sense we do not differ very much from a robot that only does what the program says. This is how google can predict what you do in the next week. The algorithms of your choices and behaviour are recorded and from that a pattern emerges, there is a very high probability that you will follow the routine 95% of the time.

Routine creates comfort and a sense of knowing what is happening and also a sense of control over the environment. The cost is that we become predictable and machine like in our behaviour. The result is that there are not very many conscious dynamic choices that come from using intuition, awareness and being in the present moment.

But do not despair. There is an upside to this condition. We can choose to program our mind in a way that it is directed into expansion of conscious awareness of the more subtle aspect of our selves. We can use the mind as a tool to step out of the prison of repetition and robotic life.

If we understand the mechanics of the mind and the body, it is easy to see how this new program can be uploaded. We need high quality content, pure thoughts, that we can fill our minds with. Ishayas call these seed thought Ascension Attitudes. They are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. They drive awareness to the source of all thoughts and we begin the process of deleting the limited old programming while we simultaneously also install the new software that is based on living in the present moment with conscious awareness.

This is where the robotic life turns into life of a conscious being. It is not difficult to do, but it does require choice and commitment. To be or not to be? That is a choice and that is what is one difference between humans and machines.


Victim consciousness

Perhaps many don’t really think and identify themselves as being a victim in their lives, but let’s make one thing very clear. We live in a world of victim consciousness because collectively that is what humanity believes to be real. So yes, there are individual differences, but we still face this creation of victim consciousness together.

What does it mean to live from victim consciousness? It is a perspective that thinks that the little self is the center of focus, but feelings, experiences and thoughts are influenced and can be directed by others. Things happen to the victim randomly and one can only shy away or attack in order to preserve the self from the outside threat. Life is coming at victim and he/she is at its mercy.

The truth is that I am the center of my own universe, just like you are yours, but this is very different than what the victim perceives. All of what  our senses experience, all feelings and all thoughts have their source within the individual. All of us create our own universe of experience and we are each responsible for what is in it. There is nothing on the outside that is doing anything to me or that could possible have power over the truth of what I am.

The ego can be hurt and feel like it has been abandoned or crushed, but the consciousness that we truly are is far beyond being affected by the outside circumstance or other people.

If we identify ourselves as being solely physical being with a limited lifespan, we are open to being wounded, destroyed, betrayed and killed. It is a fight for survival. On the other hand, if we experience ourselves as pure spirit, there is no possibility ever to be betrayed, harmed or killed in any way.

Many people do understand this intellectually and see the reality of consciousness and how the true self is pure consciousness. However, understanding does not free the individual from the victim consciousness. It is a good beginning to the right direction, a very necessary step, but knowledge becomes wisdom when you actually use it and make it manifest.

This current global situation creates a wonderful opportunity to see victim consciousness in full action. There is the threat of pandemic disease and media drums the number of deaths as the whip to create fear around it. Even had I pulled myself out of living in victim consciousness for the most part, what happens when I am pushed into a collective thought stream that is 100% coloured by the sense of being a victim to a threat from the outside? Suddenly travelling is limited or I can’t go to work. This moment shows me very clearly just how much there is investment inside of me to being a victim. What is my individual choice in that moment of time. What do I choose to make real?

This moment is here for us to fully grasp that the inner is more real than what we see outside. What we choose to put our attention on matters hugely. Our personal beliefs are what colour our lives. Our inner landscape is what becomes the the landscape outside.

The more drastic and dramatic the outside becomes the more important it is that we have a stable inner life that is founded deeper than the surface experiences and the surface thinking level f the mind. Pure consciousness rests within each of us and it is unstruck and untouched by any drama of the human realm. That is where we find the Peace that passes all understanding. No understanding is needed to know the Truth of what we are.

Ascension literally means to rise beyond. We are rising beyond this level of victim consciousness. We are doing this collectively and individually. The Ishayas have seen this time coming and the Teaching of Ascension has been given to us for this very purpose. We have a chance to bring Reality into this dream of victim consciousness…

…with Praise, Gratitude and Love.