From inner fight to inner Light

The world appears chaotic and highly stressful for many people right now. There are many things that seem nonsensical or outright crazy. And yet the easiest path seems to be to go with the flow because what else is there to do? Who really knows what is going on? Put the mask on and hope for the best.

It is very common to struggle with the world that our senses reveal to us. It seems there are and can be forces that can harm and kill us. That there are powers far beyond our ability to affect. We believe in our own perception of the world coming through the senses. We trust it is translating the reality to us without distortion. 

What if our senses are lying to us?

What if what we see is only a mirror of our own beliefs?

What if the world is literally a mirror of what is on the inside?

Of course this can be put aside as mere conjecture. Why ponder on such elusive theories that have nothing to do with the difficult problems of today’s world?

For me personally these questions are among the most important ones to ask at this point. Without a profound shift in the paradigm of our thinking we will stand on the plateau of our current beliefs and no matter what we do the problems increase with each solution we come up with.

Turn the mind´s eye inward and take a brutally honest look at the inner world. Is it one of peace and contentment? Are there any dark corners of fear? Any judgment? Separation? Any walls of defence in preparation for the enemy outside?

With a modest amount of clarity I am sure the point is taken. Our inner world is in equal turmoil as is the outer. The great masters are adamant that without changing the inner fight into the inner Light there is no possibility of changing the world. The world is as we are.

Perhaps one of the reasons why many are discouraged to turn to face that inner darkness is that there is no trust in the all powerful force for Good that is at the heart of every single being in the created universe. The inner Light that can and will disperse the darkness with absolute ease.

Looking at the world through the mind that is thinking in Light actually heals the world from the inside out for there was nothing wrong to begin with.  Our erroneous beliefs and blind trust in the information provided by the senses has lead us into a kind of a dream world of suffering and hardship. 

This is not a matter of belief. Anyone can experiment with their own life whether this is true or not. You will not have to take anyone’s word for it.

That is why Ishayas brought the Teaching of Ascension out at this time. It is a time tested ancient methodology to reveal the inner Light and open up to an experience of consciousness that is beyond the thinking mind and our beliefs. The transformation of this kind is what we need. This is the most effective cure for the mind virus that we collective suffer from. That virus is fear and separation. We have been plagued by a thought construct of extreme limitation and a false sense of self. 

Our world is showing us this. It is reflecting to us the condition of our inner world. That in itself is how it should be. We do not judge the mirror for showing us that we have hair out of place. We realise with the help of the mirror that some adjustment is needed. Not of the mirror, but of the one who is looking at the mirror.

The inner Light is just about to burst into the world big time and that is why we are seeing these many strange changes taking place. So let’s not lose ourselves in the varied illusions of the mirror world, but turn to face the inner Light. This is the time to do it. 


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