On the other side

I walked behind as my two grown up sons carried the coffin of their grandpa to the burial site. They were witnessing and also physically taking part in the process of taking care of the remains of what used to be their very well loved grandpa.

In this world of uncertainty letting go is not easy. When someone near and dear embarks on the journey to the unknown we are faced with many important and essential questions. What does it mean? Where do we go? What are we? Is this reality of the body all that there is? And where do we come from? That is equally as mysterious as the departure from this life.

These questions we have often when faced with the death of someone close to us. It is a valuable moment. Challenging yes, but it brings us so much closer to what is real in each of our lives. It is a reminder not build the house on sand, but on a foundation of reality that is unchanging, that is of the spirit.

Appreciation, Gratitude, Love and Compassion was there in that moment of gathering around the coffin. Those are the building blocks of each and every moment that has ever existed, but they are not always the focus that we as a group of people share together. The achievements at work or the possessions he accumulated in life were not the things brought to the surface. They were of friendship, support, understanding and caring that he had given to the people in his life. Those were the things that mattered in the end and that he is remembered by.

This is often lost in the fog of every day life. Busily we go about doing things and making money and entertaining ourselves. And in the end none of that really matters. The love we have for ourselves, for each other and for the truth is what matters.

That is why I find death a reminder of the truth of life. Life is eternal and it is full of love and wisdom. The bodies and things that we have last for a while and their value and purpose is to bring love and wisdom to others as we grow in love and wisdom inside our own hearts.

There is nothing to fear. We can in this life connect with the resonance of the Unchanging Absolute that gives life to all. That resonance is Life that does not have an end. It is not necessary to wait until deaths´  door to step into the unknown. We can do it here and by learning to let go, in a way learning to die, we actually become able to experience Life. It is a paradox for the surface level of the mind, for our thinking mind. But it is a very simple reality of our heart. It is Ascension.

I thought about grandpa. The twinkle and light in his eyes is what I remember. What a wonderful soul that touched my life and my sons´ lives.




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