Praise is pure light

In the subtle, praise is pure light; it is the most active of the Ascension emotions, that which is most closely aligned to the pure quality of bliss.

– MSI, Enlightenment!

When you learn to Ascend as taught by the Ishayas you become familiar with what we call Ascending emotions. What we use in Ascension are the emotions of Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. Simple enough and makes sense, right? Everybody knows that aligning with positivity is beneficial. What is so remarkable about the Ascending emotions as vehicles to expand consciousness?

When we talk about emotions on the surface level of experience we attach them to all the relative experiences of happiness and love that we have had during our life. Praise or appreciation is expressed when something nice happens. We are grateful when somebody offers a helping hand or we are supported by great good fortune. Or perhaps we fall in love and for a period of time we see only the good in the other.

These are all nice things to have in life, but they are not what we call Ascending emotions. Ascension is not designed to please the surface of the mind, it is designed to expand consciousness. The potential to do so comes from the fact that when you move deeply into the subtle everything becomes more infused with purity and power. Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion in their pure state are extremely powerful and in the Teaching of Ascension they are used  in that pure state. It is a gift from the masters of Consciousness that call themselves Ishayas.

Praise is the beginning of the Ascension process. It is the first step toward the Ascendant or the Absolute. It is the engine that begins the process. So simple and so easy to align with and with such a profound effect on our consciousness. The greatest things in life are often hidden in the clothes of the most humble appearance. So easily overlooked.

This life is active.It is buzzing with creativity and movement. Praise gives us a chance to start the inner journey exactly where we are, in activity. It is constantly moving with us and with the slightest turn of our awareness towards it we connect with the Source.

And that is Bliss.

Joseph Campbell said “follow your bliss” and this is what he meant. Follow the deepest part of yourself and you will know true bliss. There is nothing more fundamental than this. Even the richest person on this planet has nothing compared to one that has mastered the Art of Praise.

“The Attitude of repeated Praise creates Union with the Now.”

Pada I sutra 1, Enlightenment!


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