Leap into the unknown

There are moments in life when something happens that changes everything. There is an impact that does not change just some aspects of life, but the entire fabric of it. One such moment was when my first son was born. There was the life before him and then the life after his birth when I held him in my arms for the first time. There was no way to prepare for it or to know before hand how it would feel. It was a leap into the unknown.

Very recently I experienced another moment like that, but now on the other end of the spectrum of earthly life. I held my wife as she passed gracefully from this life. There was no way to prepare or know what it would be like. I watched her go and used my Ascension practice to anchor myself in the present moment as fully as I could. It was a leap into the unknown for both of us.

Where do we come from? 

Where do we go?

And really, who are we?

Ascension practice can lead us to know the answers to those questions through direct experience. It can open our eyes to see through the illusion at all times if we are skilled in the use of the practice. We have the tools to discover the greatest mystery there is – life itself. We can open the door to the unknown inside of us.

Life offers us glimpses into the truth. Moments where the veil is very thin and we can see through the mirage of the surface appearances. Sometimes even one such experience of the true depth of reality can uplift us into a greater awareness and the ability to live with true integrity. With Ascension it is possible to cultivate that integrity through consistent choice to Ascend in everything that life has to offer.

Moving through the wide range of experiences with my wife through her illness and passing opened my eyes to many things. One of those things was that just as I had connected with her in consciousness while we were together, she is still with me in consciousness now that we are in this new experience. If I am willing to let go of the boundaries of my own mind, there are ways to experience life and connectivity in an infinite number of ways.

She is with me even as I go through the experience of loss. But still as I took her scarf to put it away and smelled her scent in it there was deep sadness and tears in my eyes. Again I am grateful to be able to Ascend so that I can be present and open to life even when it goes into directions where I did not want to go.

The truth of life runs very deep. Its unmoving presence is in everything. Even in the darkest despair and in the greatest exuberance there can be. Life is here and now and we are invited to join its flow in the upward rising currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love with all of what we have, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, stupid and intelligent.

One thing my wife now teaches me is this – never look back, always look forwards. This echoes the wisdom of the masters.

This life that we have is precious. Let ´s settle into it with all of our hearts and minds and bodies and souls. Let´s boldly leap into the unknown.

This is what I hear you are saying to me Kriyasakti.

I love you.

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