An unexpected visit

It is easy to look at this world at the surface value of what it appears to be. For some people that might be good or even great and for some people it is very tough or outright horrible. The whole vista of varied experiences are available. But as long as our sight is set to look at the surface we end up missing something very essential and extremely important.

Today, amidst my daily activities, I decided to bring extra attention to the practice of Ascension and the basic upward rising currents of Praise, Gratitude and Love. And to bind it all together at deeper levels of course there is Compassion. The benefits of that choice are many, but for today it was simply to bring attention to the subtle inward movement of consciousness. To see deeper into what is around me, to connect with my world in a more profound way.

I went about my business of mundane activities and enjoyed the day.

I spent some time in the nature and had many creative ideas flowing through.

Then coming home I decided to heat the sauna and got some wood to start the fire. It took a little bit of time, but when it was ready it was so worth it. So nice to relax in the sauna and close my eyes and Ascend. I came to the patio to cool down and listened to the dozens or birds singing their Praises to the creator. And I sang my Praises. Nice blending of energies there.

I came back in and continued relaxing in the sauna. Then when I was done and just about to step out of the bathroom I looked at the foggy mirror and there was a bird like somebody just painted it there.

I stood there looking at it and smiled. How nice of them to come inside and visit me. At the more subtle levels there are so many things happening around us and communications and support that we are mostly oblivious to. That bird said “Thank you for singing with us and receiving us.” That is what I felt in my heart.

When we let go of the surface perceptions and allow the awareness to connect at the deeper levels, we will invariably find that there are only experiences of Praise, Gratitude and Love that everything is made out of. Love is all there is.

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