Changing life, is it a mission impossible or super easy?

Have you ever tried to change an old bad habit or a negative attitude toward yourself or life in general?

If you have, most likely there have been disappointments along the way and straight out failures. Maybe to the point where you firmly convinced that it is a mission impossible situation. You are in the Tom Cruise movie, but it never pans out in the end. It is impossible to escape the weight of the past experiences and the inner barriers keeping us from the the Good flowing in life hence why even try?

This thought leaves us in a rather desperate situation. Before we can move forward and to even consider changing our lives there is one thing that we must do first.

We must at least believe in the possibility of positive change to exist. There has to be an opening in our mind for that reality so that we can begin to step toward it.

Once that step is taken then we have to begin from where we are at by acknowledging what is our current experience in this moment. This challenges us first of all to make the choice to be aware of what is happening right now. And it may not be so simple as we have developed a mind that is rarely in the present moment and there are so many judgments about ourselves and the world that they keep us firmly distracted from the present moment.

A practice like the Art of Ascension is extremely valuable for this simple reason. It gives you a simple tool to return to this present moment in time. The answer to all the problems lies in what is here and now. By continually cultivating this experience of the now creates a connection with the more subtle reality of consciousness in all experiences. Facing the challenges or old habits from the foundation of being truly present is quite different compared to the distracted mind flying around in the past experiences or the future projections.

Trying to change the surface experience from the surface level of the mind is very very difficult. But aligning with the reality beyond fear and limitation has no difficulty in removing the limitations out of the way. In fact the mind and the body are intimately familiar with this process and will automatically line up with as the most natural thing to do if they are given proper conditions to do so. The condition that I speak about is in the inner direction of the mind and ultimately in the Ascendant reality that is beyond the mind altogether.

As we naturally connect with that level of reality in the Ascension practice, we naturally rise beyond the previous state of life experience and the limited interpretations about it that we held so tightly before.

When the reason for the smoking habit is removed from the nervous system it becomes absurdly easy to let go of the habit. A new and much more appealing experience comes more and more to the surface and in its wake holding onto the old is less and less appealing.

So whether changing life is impossible or very easy depends entirely on the angle that we approach it from. There is huge potential of growth and expansion in the hearts of every single human on this planet. Tapping into that reservoir of creativity and love there is nothing that can really hold us back. And we realise along the way that really the only thing that ever held us back was our own distorted view of life and the belief in lack and separation from what is real.

If you have taken the step toward change by trusting that it is possible, then the next step that is available is to learn the Ishayas´ Ascension techniques to make that inner connection to your own consciousness. Ascension practice does not only give you the deeply personal tools for growth, but it also gives you the necessary guidance to really utilise the practice to its fullest.

Nature fully supports growth and expansion in each moment. We can choose to align with it or struggle against the natural flow by sticking to the limitations in our own minds. 

Each individual choice to rise beyond the past limitations is the greatest gift that can be given to this world. What we do to ourselves we do to others quite literally.


How to find my meditation practice?

There is a growing awareness that to be of healthy body and sound mind one also needs to take care of the spiritual side with a daily practice of something that is relaxing and helps to bring the mind back to the present moment. And yes, there are so many options available now and so many teachers and gurus and self help ideologies, religions and so on. So, something for each and every individual that is seeking for certain.

But what does it take to find what really resonates with you?

One who seeks will find. A heart´s desire to connect with the inner Truth will not go unnoticed. And just like with anything else the more that you have direct experiences of different possibilities the more you will attune to what it is that calls for you. As long as you don’t quit before you hear the resonance that matches your heart.

Perhaps you are attracted to a teacher that can eloquently speak of the truth and shows a good example of living it. That is a state of progress. Or perhaps you are one that desires to know the truth directly within your own experience. That is also a state of progress and one that the Ishayas have a very specific gift to give to.

The Art of Ascension is not a Guru driven Teaching nor does it tell you how to live your life. If you search for a practice that is aligning you with the natural upward rising currents of expanding consciousness, a practice that is easy to do and that can be done at all times both in eyes closed meditative practice and eyes open practice, then you may be at the door of something very powerful.

I personally dabbled in a number of different practices before I learned to Ascend. They worked to a degree, but the common thread for me in all of them was a sense of disappointment. A feeling that the practice took me just part of the way, but not really where I felt the potential was the greatest. That was just an inner intuitive experience at the time. The disappointments kept me going though and through them I kept refining what it was that I was looking for. Eventually when I found the books by MSI about Ascension I felt the resonance of something deep inside.

That was the sound of my heart resonating with the offer from the Ishayas. This may sound lofty and out there, but it was really just a simple recognition of something that was real and each step I took towards the direct experience and understanding strengthened my resolve and sense of having found exactly what I had been looking for.

Each of us have a very unique path in life and the way that we come to the spiritual practice that we can call our own varies greatly. Perhaps what is here in this text is just a simple nudge to keep going until you find something that resonates with your being. And then stick to it. There is no point in trying to do five different things at the same time. Better to find one that works and stick to it. That is the surest way to reach the goal that you have set for this life.


The life of a robot

Are automation, robotics and AI the future and will humanity merge with machines? This is a view that the transhumanists hold firmly and believe in. Is it coming or are we already in it? Are we programmed to do a specific thing over and over again? Or do we actually consciously choose what we focus on?

I am sure each us would want to think that we as humans are far from being robots. Let’s just dive into this idea a little deeper and see what layers are there to be seen.

Perhaps we can agree that the mind is programmable. Education, news media, social conditioning, entertainment, arts and many other facets of our society pattern and mould our brains and the mind into accepting certain programs and avoiding others. This is what happens from the very first moments of entering into this physical life as a baby.

The conditioning washes through us for the first seven years when the brain is mostly at the theta and alfa state and it very easily absorbs information. And most of this programming goes into unconscious and it will colour our life for the rest of our lives unless new programming is consciously replacing it.

So much of our lives happen at the unconscious level. Our reactions and perceptions of life are as pre-formatted even before they filter into our conscious awareness.

The advertising industry knows very well how to program the mind and use the unconscious as the weak point. You walk into a store and buy things thinking that you are choosing to buy certain things when in reality you may just be following a program that has been set in your brain in the last two weeks as you watched tv and that particular add kept driving the message into you. And the the store knows where to place the items that you will most likely pick up the ones that they want to move out and sell the most.

Many of our choices come from preprogrammed behaviours and reactions. In that sense we do not differ very much from a robot that only does what the program says. This is how google can predict what you do in the next week. The algorithms of your choices and behaviour are recorded and from that a pattern emerges, there is a very high probability that you will follow the routine 95% of the time.

Routine creates comfort and a sense of knowing what is happening and also a sense of control over the environment. The cost is that we become predictable and machine like in our behaviour. The result is that there are not very many conscious dynamic choices that come from using intuition, awareness and being in the present moment.

But do not despair. There is an upside to this condition. We can choose to program our mind in a way that it is directed into expansion of conscious awareness of the more subtle aspect of our selves. We can use the mind as a tool to step out of the prison of repetition and robotic life.

If we understand the mechanics of the mind and the body, it is easy to see how this new program can be uploaded. We need high quality content, pure thoughts, that we can fill our minds with. Ishayas call these seed thought Ascension Attitudes. They are based on Praise, Gratitude, Love and Compassion. They drive awareness to the source of all thoughts and we begin the process of deleting the limited old programming while we simultaneously also install the new software that is based on living in the present moment with conscious awareness.

This is where the robotic life turns into life of a conscious being. It is not difficult to do, but it does require choice and commitment. To be or not to be? That is a choice and that is what is one difference between humans and machines.


Without A Reality


This is an all too familiar word that has shaped the past in cruel ways and even today threatens to be the architect for the years to come. War is a state of mind that takes its most obvious and manifest form in the actuality of soldiers killing each other and just about anybody and anything that is perceived to be in the way of the war machines´ set agenda. Even the word WAR elicits a definite response in the human nervous system. A stress reaction in the body and fear that absorbs and freezes the mind.

Hence the opposing force for the expansion, namely the ego, is more than eager to use it to its fullest extent.

When most of us think of war, we place it into a different country and maybe into another culture far away from us. Something that is removed from our personal life experience and hence far from our reach to have any ability to meaningfully affect. For some people it is an actual inescapable everyday reality. But perhaps even they share the same feeling of inability and inadequacy to affect the reality of war. What can you do when the war machine that has no regard for human life sweeps over your village and destroys everything?

Let’s take one step away from the most manifested form of the violence here on earth. Let’s move closer to its inception, the beginning point of what indeed creates war.

War is a state of mind. It is a state of mind that has no basis in Reality, it is literally Without A Reality. What Reality are we talking about?

Look at the mind as a multilayered, multidimensional field, that has a Foundation that all of it is resting upon. This Foundation is the Source for all Life, Love, Energy and Wisdom. The lack of connection to this Foundation creates a lack of all the above mentioned. Our thinking mind that works on the 5-10% level on the surface has little or no conscious connection to the deeper layers of the mind and ultimately to its Foundation. The surface mind is Without A Reality.

This is the mind in a state of WAR. The ego reins nearly unchallenged and its manifestations are according to its rules and laws which are fear and suffering and separation and loss and ignorance.

Each one of us is a carrier of this virus called war. Each one of us in our daily lives supports this state of mind. Or actively chooses to disengage from it creating a connection to the Foundation, to the Reality that the Ishayas call the Ascendant. We always choose for One or the other, Love or fear. We Ascend or die, quite literally.

Violence seems inevitable and unavoidable in this world, but this is by appearance only. It is our belief that creates this reality of violence. Belief that is based on fear and dire lack of the Ascendant Reality.

When we take one step further back  into the subtle realm of inner choice we see a picture emerging. Each one of us is capable of dealing with this virus of war and if we desire to end it altogether we have the perfect antidote for it that is given to us by the Ishayas. They are of consciousness that is forever beyond the level of conflict and limitations created from fear.

How to end war and violence then? The answer is closer than our own heart beat. The responsibility is non other´s than our own. The power to change the world is in our own choice to do so. War is not something far away, something that a government of any given country creates or doesn’t. It is what you and I create or don’t create.

The primary concern here, and this may be more difficult to fathom, is not to end the conflicts that we see happening on the surface in the world. The primary concern is to rise beyond the inner conflict of judgment and fear and end the violence in our inner worlds. Then and only then a new manifestation can take place in the world at large.

The healing of the world always begins with the healing of the self. This is one of the few simple messages the Ishayas have given us to learn and to experience.

If you know how to Ascend as taught by the Ishayas, then you do have the keys to the mastery of Ahimsa, perfect non-violence. Without that enlightenment is not possible. Without that, the war will continue both inside and out.


Henkisyys ja uskonnollisuus

Uskotko sinä Jumalaan? Kuulutko kirkkoon? Onko kuoleman toisella puolella elämää? Henkiseen elämään ja uskontoon liittyvät kysymykset ovat omassa kulttuurissamme alueita, joille harvemmin keskusteluissa mennään. Ne koetaan yksityisiksi, arkaluontoisiksi ja ehkä vaikeiksi.  Ovatko henkisyys ja uskonnollisuus edes sama asia ja mitä ne oikeastaan tarkoittavat?

Wikipediassa uskonto on määritelty uskoksi ja pyhyyden kokemukseksi, joka on muotoutunut oppijärjestelmäksi ja ilmenee erilaisina yhteisöllisinä tapoina ja palvontamenoina. Monien suomalaisten uskonnollisuus ilmeneekin lähinnä siinä, että kirkossa käydään jonain juhlapyhänä, ristiäisissä, häissä ja hautajaisissa. Kaikilla näillä on yhteisöllinen merkitys ja ne heijastavat jokaisessa olevaa sisäistä pyrkimystä kulkea kohti hengellistä maailmaa ja kokemusta siitä. Mutta niillä ei ole välttämättä syvällistä vaikutusta arkisen elämämme kulkuun.

Jokaisessa meissä on kaipuu syvempään henkiseen yhteyteen riippumatta siitä olemmeko me tietoisia siitä tai emme. Ehkä yksi syy siihen, miksi kirkko on eräänlaisessa kriisissä modernissa ajassa, syntyy juuri siitä, että rituaalinen ja sosiaalinen uskonnollisuus ei enää riitä. Yhä useampi haluaa henkilökohtaisen kokemuksen itsensä sisällä rauhasta, joka ylittää ymmärryksen. Kristillinen opetus kuvastaa sisäistä yhteyttä näillä sanoilla, mutta sillä on vähän tai ei ollenkaan keinoja johdattaa ihmisiä siihen.

Uskonto on kuitenkin edustanut hengen kulttuuria pitkään ja sen ulkopuolella vaihtoehdot ovat olleet vähissä. Muita vaihtoehtoja henkisyyteen on alkanut nousta pintaan, mutta ne ovat usein marginaalissa olevia ja niistäkin puhutaan vain samanhenkisten ihmisten kanssa.

Henkisyys voitaisiin varmasti kuvata monella tavalla. Itse kuvaisin sitä suorana henkilökohtaisena kokemuksena todellisesta itsestäni, hengestä, joka on ensisijainen todellisuus ja koko olemassa olomme pohja. Todellinen henkinen kulttuuri ei ole oppi tai filosofia. Se on kokemus itsemme Jumalallisesta luonteesta, joka vaikuttaa elämässämme jokaisessa hetkessä. Tietoisuus, joka on ollut kanssamme aina ja jonka kokeminen tuo aina syvenevää rakkautta ja viisautta elämäämme.

Kärsimys ja sairaus saavat alkunsa elämässämme olevasta hengen köyhyydestä. Mielen rauhaa ja kehon terveyttä on mahdotonta saavuttaa ilman todellisen sisäisen yhteyden tuomaa vakautta ja voimaa. Tarvitsemme keinoja todellisen henkisen kulttuurin esiin nostamiseksi tässä ajassa.

Ishaya sana tarkoittaa “Kristus tietoisuudelle”. Ishayoiden Ascension on valaistuneiden mestareiden Opetus, joka mahdollistaa korkeamman tietoisuuden kokemisen pysyvänä osana elämää. Ascension ei ole uskonto tai oppi, joka kertoisi, miten elää oikein. Se antaa mielelle välineen rukoukseen tai oikeaan ajatteluun tai meditaatioon, miten sen kukin haluaa sanoittaa. Harjoituksen kautta sisäinen viisaus ja rakkaus voivat yhä selkeämmin johdattaa meitä eteenpäin. Tämä on henkilökohtainen ja jokaisen sisällä tapahtuva prosessi, mutta samalla se on syvimmällä tasolla yhteisöllinen, koska se luo yhteyden siihen tietoisuuden tasoon, jossa me kaikki olemme yhteydessä ja yhtä. Kaikki hyötyvät yksilön kasvusta ja yhteisöt kukoistavat sen seurauksena.

Puhtaan hengen kokeminen omassa itsessämme on se henkisyys, jota me sydämessämme kaipaamme. Siihen on monia teitä ja Ishayat tarjoavat yhden suoran ja hyvin yksinkertaisen tavan lähestyä syvintä totuutta ja luoda toimivaa ja voimallista henkistä kulttuuria omassa elämässä kaikissa arkisissa kiireissä ja haasteissa.

Kun oma mieli ja keho ovat hengen temppelinä, voit löytää kirkon ja pyhän paikan mistä vain. Ja kuten itselleni on käynyt, olen löytänyt myös kirkoissa olevan kauneuden ja pyhyyden uudella tavalla oman sisäisen yhteyden vahvistumisen kautta. Jumala sana ei  ole enää minulle  tyhjä ja merkityksetön, niinkuin se oli aikaisemmin, vaan täyttymyksellinen ja todellinen.

Hengen voitto materiasta tarkoittaa, että ymmärtää ja kokee hengen olevan kaiken perusta ja lähde ja maali.




Freedom vs slavery

”Freedom means being able to move through the characteristics of the world without losing the stability and integrity of Consciousness. Slavery means being overshadowed by every experience, forgetting joy, forgetting peace, forgetting love, forgetting everything that is of the Real, the True or the Good and being left with nothing, but a handful of broken dreams, a castle of sand, a phantasmal mirage of life.”                       MSI, Enlightenment!

One of the difficulties with enlightened concepts such as freedom is that the surface mind experiences only boundaries and it is filled with limiting beliefs about reality and identifies with a mere shadow of the real Self. The understanding will always fall short. It is like somebody describing another country to you, one that you have never visited, and you can only try to imagine its landscape and customs. If you were to go and travel to that country then you could have a real conversation about it and your voice would carry the resonance of your personal experience.

We live in a world that is asleep, forgetful of the true nature of the Self. Even if it is filled with suffering we are very attached to this phantasmal mirage of life that we call reality. It is known to us and it has become who and what we think we are. A very compelling dream indeed.

When MSI talks of freedom, he is not merely wanting to expand the intellectual understanding. He is pointing to something Real that one can actually experience. Like it is a country that you can travel to. Not some planet in the outer regions of the galaxy that is far beyond your reach, but actually a place that is very easily accessible and close to you. The Ishayas are inviting all of us in this dream to come and join in the experience of stability and integrity of Consciousness.

From the moment that I was introduced to the Ishayas´ Teaching of Ascension, this was the most compelling invitation I had ever heard.

To experience True Freedom? Is that possible? And really, what is it?

That is for us to find out and to experience. 

What could be a more worthy goal for a human life?


Mestareiden Opetus

Ascension on ikivanha, toimiva ja yksinkertainen harjoitus. Sen tietää jokainen, joka on tutustunut asiaan henkilökohtaisen kokemuksen siivittämänä. Mutta silti Ascension on taito ja se tarkoittaa, että ainoastaan harjoitus tekee mestarin.

Patanjali kirjoitti joogasutrissaan tästä aiheesta viisi tuhatta vuotta sitten ja hänen sutriaan taas on kommentoinut MSI tässä ajassa Enlightenment kirjassaan. Nämä kaksi valaistunutta Mestaria antoivat muutaman suuntaviitan tähän aiheeseen, jotka koin niin mielenkiintoisina ja innostavina, että halusin tuoda ne tällekin foorumille tiivistetyssä muodossa. Jos haluat lukea Enlightenment kirjasta ne sutrat, joista nämä on poimittu, niin löydät merkinnät otsikoiden jälkeen.

Ehkä nämä avaavat sinulle jotakin uutta valaistuneiden Mestarien ehtymättömästä viisaudesta.

Harjoittele pitkän aikaa antaumuksella. (Enlightenment I.14) Opittuasi toimivan tekniikan tietoisuuden laajentamiseksi harjoittelun säännöllisyys on kaikki kaikessa. Elämässämme on niin monenlaisia asioita, jotka vaativat huomiotamme ja energiaamme, mutta kuinka paljon annamme huomiota sille, joka antaa meille elämän ja on kaikkien kokemustemme perustana?

Usko tavoitteeseen. (Enlightenment I.20) Vaikka Ascensoimisen prosessi on mekaaninen eikä vaadi, että uskomme siihen, on kuitenkin tarpeellista, että uskomme sisäisten haitallisten ohjelmien pois pyyhkimisen olevan mahdollista. Tämä taas tukee valintaamme järjestää päivittäiset rutiinimme niin, että voimme Ascensoida säännöllisesti.

Ole intohimoinen harjoituksessasi. (Enlightenment I.21) Todellisen Itsemme kokeminen on lähempänä kuin oman sydämemme lyönti. Tästä johtuen huomion sisäänpäin kääntäminen eli Ascensoiminen tuottaa välittömiä tuloksia vaivattomasti. Jos sinulla on toimivat välineet, et tarvitse muuta kuin intohimoisen asenteen saavuttaaksesi maalin nopeasti.

Antaudu korkeammalle voimalle. (Enlightenment I.23) Tämä on sydämen asia. Jos pystyt antamaan itse luomasi uskomukset rajallisuudesta, pelosta, sairaudesta, epäonnistumisesta ja kuolemasta takaisin Suuremman käsiin, tietoisuus tulee luonnollisesti laajenemaan Ascendantin suuntaan. Mitään älyllistä prosessointia ei tarvita, koska Suurin on puhdasta rakkautta. Ainoa mitä tarvitaan, on lakata uskomasta siihen, mikä ei ole totta.

Ascensoi OM sanaa. (Enlightenment I.28) OM sanan tarkoitus on luoda Universumi ja ylläpitää sen suunta harmoniassa kasvun ja evoluution kanssa. Käyttäessäsi OM sanaa Ascensoimisen välineenä löydät yksilöllisen ja kosmisen elämän tarkoituksen. Täydellinen ja jatkuva tietoisuus Ascndantista on yksilöllisen elämän maali. Kosmisen elämän maali taas on tuoda iloa, täyttymystä, paranemista ja valaistumista keikille luoduille olennoille.

Ole yksisuuntainen. (Enlightenment I.32) Kun tietoisuus tulee yhdeksi Ascendantin kanssa, kaikki sisäiset esteet ja niiden tuottamat negatiiviset vaikutukset elämässämme lakkaavat. Tämä ei ole vaikeaa. Toisaalta on erittäin vaikeaa yrittää parantaa mielemme, tunteidemme tai kehomme epätasapainotiloja ilman yhteyttä olemassaolomme perustaan.

Seuraa iloasi. (Enlightenment I.39) Mitä on todellinen ilo? Syvimmällä tasolla meissä jokaisessa on halu tuntea todellinen Itse. Kaikkien pinnallisten toiveiden ja halujen alla lepää puhdas ja muuttumaton toive Ascendantin yhteyteen palaamisesta. “Kuka minä olen?” “Miksi minä olen täällä?” “Mitä minä olen?” “Mikä on kaiken tämän tarkoitus?” Nämä kysymykset johtavat sinut todellisen ilon äärelle ja suuntaavat sinut maalia kohden kaikkein suorimmalla tavalla.